Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Create your jargon first

As has been posted by many smart men, Domain Specific Languages will drive the world of programming in the near future. As another great artist said: "Bad artists copy, great artists steal", the best of us try to be great. Actually, what we do is stealing ideas from native languages – the ones not to be as artificial as programming languages are.
What's going on in the native languages? They change, they adapt to the environment they are used in. People working in one environment tend to create their own jargon – to express ideas of that domain more easily, more accurately and more concisely.
Domain specific languages relates to general languages as well as different kinds of jargon relates to different native languages.
As an example of a domain we may know a lot about, look at creating the IT jargon. In English it is done in a fairly different way than doing the same in Czech. In English, old words get new meanings so words like computer, web, network, file, etc. having their original interpretation have suddenly a new meaning. In Czech, however, most of the IT jargon is created by borrowing words from English. Thus, just few jargon words stay originally Czech. Although creating a jargon may be done differently in various languages, the purpose is always the same – to be concise in that particular domain.
Jargon of native languages is the proof that DSL is the future of programming. To express your ideas properly - create your jargon first.