Thursday, September 15, 2005

On the subject of SMS typing

Have you ever thought how different or how easy the life would be if we didn't use our bad habits from the past? Just imagine the disaster if scientists proposed new much safer rules of car driving and enlightened politicians tried to put it in use even though it was much easier than the way cars are driven now. Sweden on the day when switching to the right-hand trafficThe long-term advantages are indisputable, however, the immediate results will discourage any brave politicians. No wonder that Britons never changed their left-hand driving... As the old saying states - can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Similar thing happens, although with no such severe consequences, when typing an SMS (for those who never typed an SMS - sending text messages from mobile phones is fairly popular in Europe, especially in countries like Czech where calls are so expensive). Why are the letters shown in alphabetical order on the keypad? Wouldn't be the typing easier when all vowels and consonants were shuffled as they are on a computer keyboard? Certainly would. Let's do it! Is there any courageous mobile phone producer?
Isn't a similar thing happening now in computer programming? Aren't we learning new tricks? If only we could drop all old tricks and start learning the new ones easily.